Every month we choose a different group to which to give. For September, we’ve chosen Colfax Community Network, which advocates for and works on behalf of families and children residing in low-income transient housing (primarily residential motels) along Colfax Avenue. By providing information, services, and programs, they strengthen and improve family and community life.

We’re collecting personal health items and food as well. Travel sizes are best as their clients move around a lot and can only bring with them what they can carry. However, they will always be able to use whatever size is donated!

Read more about them on the Colfax Community Network website.

  1. tooth brush
  2. tooth paste
  3. soap
  4. deodorant
  5. razors
  6. lotion
  7. shampoo
  8. conditioner
  9. hand sanitizer
  10. feminine pads
  11. tampons
  12. shaving cream
  13. toilet paper

Food items:

  1. granola bars
  2. ramen noodles
  3. easy mac (macaroni and cheese)
  4. fruit snacks
  5. tuna
  6. peanut butter