Position Statement on Charlottesville

The following is a statement issued by Rev. Kevin Kitrall Ross from Unity Sacramento who sits with several of us on the Leadership Council of The Association for Global New Thought. I believe that it sums up Centers for Spiritual Livings stance on the recent situation in Charlottesville and share it here for your attention.

Dr. Kenn Gordon
Spiritual Leader
Centers for Spiritual Living  

“When love is in the lead, there is no gray geography concerning hate.  Hate and those who march under its banner deserve no disguise, no vague glazing over, and no hiding place.  Let the perpetrators of hate and its firstborn, White Supremacy, stand naked and vulnerable before a civilized society and have its immigration status revoked.

“These are the true Enemies of the State and whether born on this soil or not, these are the “illegal immigrants” and “fake citizens” whose divisive attitudes bring no value to our great republic.

“The incident in Charlottesville was an act of domestic terrorism that, albeit regrettable, is a reminder that hate and its only natural resource, violence, is always the weapon of the weak.  Love is always the strongest branch to stand on.  It may bend, but it never breaks.  To our beloved friends in Charlottesville, rise to the occasion.  Our prayers are with you.  Come out on the skinny branch that cannot break.  For truly, love will always have the final word.”

Rev. Kevin Kitrall Ross
Unity Sacramento